On a 16-acre Campus in Wendell, Massachusetts, Kemsley Academy is hosting international students during the Thanksgiving break. We have single-bed dorm rooms, an indoor basketball court/gym, ping pong and pool tables, a dining hall and classrooms.

拥有位于马萨诸塞州温德尔镇的100 亩校园柯斯理学校,在感恩节期间将接待国际学生。 学校有单床宿舍,室内篮球场、健身房,乒乓球和台球桌,餐厅和教室。
Students will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings! Around half of our meals are American food and half Chinese.

When we are not on field trips to Boston and other places of interest, the students will have class with an English teacher in the morning, the content of which will depend on the students' needs, and have free time for sports or other activities in the afternoon.

The cost is $200/night plus $1 per mile if we pick the student up from school. This includes room and meals that are eaten on campus. When we are off campus, students buy their own meals.

费用为每晚$200,如果我们从学校接学生,则每英里需付1美元。 费用包含在校期间的食宿。外出校园时,学生需自己购买餐点。