Student Placement

Helping students with applications every step of the way.

Kemsley Academy's offices in Beijing and Shenzhen oversee the student placement program. Dedicated staff locate good potential students for placement in US high schools and colleges. They work with some of the top schools in China to find appropriate candidates, then coordinate very closely with the families to determine the schools in the US that will best meet their needs.

Kemsley Academy has also been very successful at representing American schools to recruit Chinese students who will fit in well and succeed in the academic and social environment of the schools. Once we make the right match, we work with the students for up to four years to communicate concerns with their parents in China and to help ensure that they keep on track.
Arriving from overseas and starting school in the US can be an intimidating experience. Students arrive jet lagged in an unfamiliar environment. Once school begins, so do the challenges. Imagine sitting in a US history class, having never heard the names of the people and places, or opening a math book to find that you have no idea what the questions are asking. Educators at schools that accept international students are very familiar with the issues that both the schools and the students face when students arrive unprepared.

Transition training at Kemsley Academy helps new students to acclimate to the country, English academia language, and the boarding school environment at the same time they are learning important skills to help them adapt and succeed when they start high school or college for the first time in the US.


Transition Training

Overseeing student transition to life in America.


Holiday Accommodations

Simplifying holiday logistics for students and their schools.

Boarding high schools face a dilemma each time they close their doors for a holiday - what to do with international students that don't have a place to stay. The Dean of Students is usually scrambling before each holiday to get the families of other students or homes in the local community to take the international students in for the holidays.

Now there's a better solution. Kemsley Academy has nice dorms, good Chinese food and a beautiful environment for these students to come to in western Massachusetts. Students will enjoy the holiday and can opt to receive intensive SAT or TOEFL training. They'll also have a chance to visit important universities and to do some shopping at name brand outlets.