Each summer, Kemsley Academy in Wendell, Massachusetts is bursting at the seems with students who are a part of our ACE program in China.

Helping Chinese students to experience America

On weekends in Beijing, Kemsley Academy is involved in teaching students at the Experimental Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal University, No. 8 Middle School, Hua Xia Girl’s School, and Beijing Normal University Affiliated Middle School. During the summer, the students continue their classes full-time in the US.
The program is growing in China, and we are working with other Massachusetts schools to expand our program onto their campuses.


Another interesting annual program that Kemsley Academy hosts is the Thai Scholar Program.

Applying to universities over winter break

We have contracted with the Ministry of Education in Thailand to bring dozens of students on scholarships from the Thai government to Wendell during Winter break.
While at Kemsley Academy, the students concentrate on working on their university applications while enjoying the peace and quiet offered by Wendell.